Litter Free School Zones

Litter Free School Zones

Litter-Free School Zones is a program to encourage students to keep their school grounds litter-free and to raise the public’s awareness of litter via a Litter-Free School Zone sign to be place outside the school.

The Litter Free School Zone is designed for students, clubs, classes, and even whole schools to keep their school zone litter free. Keeping their school grounds litter free is an easy and fun way for students to work together, learning valuable community leadership and responsibility skills, and gain a respect for the environment and world around them.

The Litter Free School Zone is introduced to your school by Keep Troup Beautiful with a class discussion format presentation about litter. During this discussion we will learn exactly what litter is, why people litter, why should we prevent litter, how we can prevent litter, and how the Litter Free School Zone program works.


Minimum Requirements From the School

  • There must be a designated faculty/staff member to be the contact person.
  • A student group (science class, environmental or service club, multiple classes, etc.) must agree to be responsible for implementing the program.
  • Students must conduct periodic cleanups of the campus.
  • Recyclable (must be clean, etc.) items must be separated from collected litter and taken to a recycling collection center.
  • Report graffiti to appropriate school officials.
  • At least one school event must be litter-free – such as a sports events, assemblies, field trips, etc.
  • Report activities in school publications, bulletin board, website, etc.
  • Report the results of these activities to Keep Troup Beautiful.


Keep Troup Beautiful Provides

  • A Litter-Free Schools manual with plenty of tips for making the program work.
  • Clean up supplies such as gloves and litterbags.
  • An attractive Litter-Free School sign when minimum program requirements have been met.
  • Presentations about litter-prevention, source reduction, buying recycled, composting, and many other topics.
  • A speaker and material for in-service training.
  • Make periodic inspections (by your invitation) of the Litter Free School Zone.
  • Provide certificates of appreciation to all students involved.
  • Schools currently participating in the program include:

Litter Free School Zone PDF  

You can mail it, fax it, or email it back to us, our contact information is on the form.